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Slayway Camp

Slayway Camp

Slayway Camp is a single player, isometric and also puzzle video game develops by Blue Wizard Digital LP. It mixes the horror and also puzzles elements and takes a thrilling gameplay for you. The game introduces more than 140 stages and also every stage offers a special gameplay. The game puts you in the experience of blasting terror as an unnamed killing group of skull forces. In the game, you control a psychotic slasher who must expand the stage to complete the aim and also earn higher points. In the game, you need to kill the target players by using various items. The aim of you is to reach the special points in the level by splashing enemies and also scoring points. You must avoid to killing cats to progress via the game and also unlock many killers. You can download Slayway Camp in Android apk mod. The game is available on multiple platforms.

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