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80 Games Like MechQuest



MechQuest is a role-playing, action, sci-fi, and also single-player video game develops by Artix Entertainment. It revolves around of mecha combats and also you can play this game at no cost. You can pay a one-time fee to get access to more assets such as a starship, mechas, and also several events. The game takes place in unknown locations and also allows you control a mecha, who must join G.E.A.R.S. You discover an evil force which is sent by Shadowscythe Empire. It embarks you on an epic adventure to show the Shadowscythe unholy plans. You can take the player by pointing and also clicking on the playfield in various areas to expand the where you click. The game offers core features like Side-scroll fighting, turn-based combat, Traditional role playing etc.

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