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 Knight Online

Knight Online

Knight Online is an MMORPG, action-adventure video game develops by MGame Corporation for Microsoft Windows. You get into the game world by selecting and also decorating your online avatar. Once inside the game, it is essential to select a side of either Karus’s or El Morad’s. Karus and El Morad are two various nations with various appearances and also living standard. It allows you to move further in the game and also earn experience points by killing the monsters and Melee attacks. You can also challenge everyone in various fights or also different game tasks. Anybody who wins in a fight or also accomplish the task to win the game. Experience points in the game can be used to purchase various upgrades like you can buy magical spells, weapons, and also various fighting techniques. In the game, you can choose any class of individuals you need from Rogues, warriors, priests, and magicians and also create your own clans.

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