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15 Games Like GTA Grand Theft Auto



GTA Grand Theft Auto is a series of Action-adventure and also open world video game. The game offers a kind of gameplay throughout the series which are based on fictional locations in America. The locations include Vice city, San Andreas, liberty city, all situated in the real cities of New York, State of California and also Miami city. The game focuses on an open world environment where you can roam freely blazing guns. You can choose any mission to progress with the storyline. The game has the wonderful amalgamation of elements like the Third person shooting, action, adventure, driving, Racing, RPG and also Stealth. The game offers a truly addictive and also engaging gameplay. The game offers unique players for heroes and also exclusive stories to their lives. The antagonists in all the games are also various players, origins and also the most prominent figures of the game.

Games Like GTA for All Platforms
Games Like GTA for Android
Games Like GTA for iOS
Games Like GTA for Mac OS
Games Like GTA for PC Windows
Games Like GTA for PlayStation 4
Games Like GTA for Xbox One

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