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10 Games Like Starbound



Starbound is an action-adventure, RPG, addictive and also Indie video game develops by Chucklefish Games. The game fixes you up into the player of the hero who flies from files from his planet and also crashes on another planet. It takes you into an amazing 2D procedurally generated game world and also let you to expand craft different items. The items are armors, weapons, and other objects. The game allows you to craft various weapons and also tools for survival and lets you to fight against the enemies. The infinite universe is on around you and also you will get an experience of addictive and endless gameplay. The game has the number of levels, quests, puzzles, missions and also quests. It is an amazing game to play and also enjoy.

Games Like Staarbound for All Platforms
Games Like Staarbound for Android
Games Like Staarbound for iOS
Games Like Starbound for Mac OS
Games Like Starbound for PC Windows
Games Like Staarbound for PlayStation 4
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