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10 Games Like Blast Breaker

Blast Breaker

Blast Breaker

Blast Breaker is a huge multiplayer online, action video game. The game includes 3 playable players like Alan, Stella Elona, and also you can choose one of them to get into the game that populated with foes, monsters, and also demons. It gets a place in the dream world and also offers an open environment consist of mountains, rivers, caves and also more. According to the story the evil has free by 3 players mistakenly onto the world of Xylon. The evil entered into the world and start destroying the peoples, objects and also ancient places. The king boards you on an adventure where you have to traverse via several locations. You fight against evil enemies and also fend off them by destroying the world. You can interact with other players around the world to join your team against evil forces.

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