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12 Games Like Brick-Force



Brick-Force is a First person shooting, and also sandbox video game develops by Exe games. The game allows you to create worlds brick by brick and maps and share the data with other online players around the world. It has 3D graphics, single and multiplayer gaming modes, open world gaming environment and also a fast-paced action gameplay. You can select from any one of the 4 gaming modes. The modes are survival mode, team mode, CTF mode and also Blast mode. In the battle, you can build covers to protect your self from bullets by placing the bricks in front of you. The game has a lot of powerups and lot of trivial facts. It is available to play on Microsoft Windows, iOS and also Android platforms.

Games Like Brick Force for All Platforms
Games Like Brick-Force for Android
Games Like Brick Force for iOS
Games Like Brick Force for Mac OS
Games Like Brick Force For Linux
Games Like Brick-Force for PC Windows
Games Like Brick Force for PlayStation 4
Games Like Brick Force for Xbox One

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